Saturday, February 1, 2014


The future is a piece of time,space and human presence:

1- General overview:

Humans  can, have, and will always make the future.
Without humans there is not a future.
Without humans the future will still exist as natural phenonons but not as human concept.
People make future plans.
Women wait for 9 monthe for the future baby and they make plans for it
Business, Architecture, science,technology, are the main  "shapers" of our future surrounding
Most of our modern life was predicted hundreds of years ago by artists,scientists and writers.
Even personal life can be well planed and predicted with bright outcome for successful life
Most people predict their future as " good life "
Mothers  predict for their children the most successful future.
Losers also predict, but, bad outcome for their lives.
Every one tries to personally predict or foresee what will possibly happen with his life.
A lot of people seek help from others to overcome the fear by talking about their future
People can and must help each other overcome this "future obsession".

2- Prediction in history

Most of the prediction, in the past comes from religious background
Most of the predictions in history are related to gods and prophets
Two kind of predictions are related to non religious :
The cave men hunting drawings
And the Mayan end of civilization predictions.
In the Bible all predictions are for the coming of prophets and the desolation of the land
At the end of the Bible Saint John predicted by dreams the end of the actual world.
3- Special prediction era
In  the middle age era predictions became more specific and regional
Nostradamus and others predicted more specific events that could effect their surroundings and the contries they know.
Nostradamus by putting with our without intention twisted names and dates in his predictions became the first predictor that could be interpreted specifically,could it be true or not, on every event,even for some coming generations.
Modern predictors tend to be even more specific and local .

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