Tuesday, January 24, 2012



The future is the only thing that surprisingly people agree to believe in.
Wether it's bad,good or unexpected the future is there and every one knows it exists.
It is not the Future that is unknown.
It is the past that makes every body confused and disoriented.
The events of the past are for the most history people tend to forget.
History is not always accepted as it is written or told.
In true evaluation of  life  the past  is the really  unpredictable part of time, not the future.
Past if always revived will block our view to future.
And because we build our assertions on the past the future is something very vague and uncoherent.
And all the way desastrous.
From the past we are taking the bad times and we tend to build our future expectations on our bad memories.
Our future becomes our past revealed in a different rethorique.
And for that reason this is not predicting.
And for that reason the watchword of the future is desaster.
Peace and calm are put as semicolon.
Because the past itself needs to be explained and reevaluated.
That's why we have historians for example.
Part of historians work is predictions of past events.
Predictions of past events lead to discoveries like for example the sites of dinausors, or the mayan calender.

Futur is not at all what we believe the future is, and certainly not building comparison with the past.

The future is prections from the present because in other words the present does not exist at all

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